Paramount Group unveils Marauder Mark 2

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Paramount Group unveils Marauder Mark 2
South African company Paramount Group unveiled on 23 August the Marauder Mark 2 armoured, an improved version of the Marauder armoured personnel carrier (APC) by introducing a universal hull, interchangeable dashboard modules and steering wheel components. The company says Mark 2 is suitable for peacekeeping, border patrol, counter-insurgency or national defence.

The company claimed that the new vehicle offers significant battlefield advantages and asymmetrical warfare, enhancing crew capability and platform performance. The advancements incorporated within the Mark 2 edition of the car will also result in faster production and delivery rates to the company’s future customers globally.

Mark 2 is equipped with specially designed anti-blast seats and offers some mine and ballistic protection. The Mark 2 is suitable for air transportation via C130 Hercules or Chinook helicopters.

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