Turkish Army Gets New Robots (UGV) on The Frontline: Acrob

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Turkish Army Gets New Robots (UGV) on The Frontline: Acrob
Turkish Defence Ministry (MSB) announced that Army would use Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV) on the frontline. The Defence Industry Presidency pioneered the Lightweight robot project, and Elektroland Defence company provided its indigenous product, Acrob.

The Ministry of Defence announced on its Twitter account that unmanned UGVs are in the inventory of Land Forces Command. The Ministry underlined that UGVs would be used for reconnaissance and surveillance purposes at the frontline. The Ministry said that UGVs would provide safe entry, surveillance and intervention in areas that cannot be entered, observed and intervened in all kinds of operations during combat.

Turkish Army Gets New Robots (UGV) on The Frontline: Acrob

The Ministry’s statements included the Acrob UGV, which was developed by Ankara-based Elektroland Defence company. The company is known for its remote-controlled UGVs. It was established in 1996 as an electronic PCB repair and reverse engineering centre. It designs and manufactures Fire Fighting, Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) and Improvised Explosive Device Disposal vehicles. The company has exported various UGVs to allies.

The Acrob is designed in a structure that can enter areas where personnel entry may pose a risk or cannot enter. The user may throw it into the dark spots such as a cave, tunnel and other risky areas where any trap could be set. The UGV allows security personnel to conduct reconnaissance surveillance without entering the risky environment.

The serial production agreement between the SSB and Elektroland Defence was signed during IDEF within the Light Class Unmanned Ground Vehicle Project scope.

The general features of Acrob SGAs are as follows:

Reconnaissance and Surveillance

High Mobility

Ability to Overcome High Obstacles

Ability to Climb Stairs

Ability to Cross Water

Ability to Be Controlled by Remote Control

Technical Features

Height14 Cm
Length65 Cm
Width31 Cm
Weight5 Kg (without payload)
Speed0-5 Km/h (three-speed mode)

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