Sweden Orders two new CV90 variants

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Sweden Orders two new CV90 variants
The Swedish Defence Materials Administration (Försvarets materielverk /FMV) has awarded BAE Systems a follow-on contract for producing two variants of the new Combat Vehicle 90 (CV90). The agreement, valued at USD 90 million, is part of the Swedish RENO CV90 upgrade programme.

The new variant will be supplied by HB Utveckling, a Swedish joint venture and BAE Systems. Work will be carried out at the company's Hägglunds facility in rnsköldsvik, Sweden, as well as by Ritek in Levanger, Norway.

Deliveries of two CV90 vehicles to the Swedish Army are expected between 2023 and 2027. The new vehicles will be named operational support armoured vehicles (DSPBV 90D) and armoured train vanguard (PIPBV 90D). The new variant of the DSPBV 90D will also be used as an advanced maintenance vehicle such as support, recovery, towing and other vehicle repairs.

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