SVOS and SAAV completed MSHORAD’s firing tests

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SVOS and SAAV completed MSHORAD’s firing tests
According to press releases from both companies, Czech vehicle manufacturer SVOS and Saab Dynamics have completed joint development of a short-range air defence (c) system with firing trials.

SVOS transferred the Multi-role Armoured System (MARS) S-300 protected 44 multi-purpose vehicles to Saab as a carrier vehicle in the second half of 2021. The car is built on a ladder frame with mostly NATO-approved components. The two-axle vehicle can carry 14 tons of total weight, including more than two tons of payload. Individually height-adjustable wheels improve off-road mobility and provide a level platform when needed. According to STANG 4569, the crew is protected against ballistic threats and blasts up to Level 3.

Saab’s air defence system features a GIRAFFE 1X multi-purpose 3D radar and a triple rocket launcher with RBS 70 NG anti-aircraft missiles. The radar weighs less than 300 kg and has a range of 75 kilometres. It is also said to detect and track small and slow-moving objects such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). To generate the local air picture, assess the threat, and assign the weapon, the GBAD C2 command and control system can be used.

The mobile fire unit is equipped with three RBS 70 NG. The missiles, according to Saab, cannot be jammed and are guided by laser control. Thanks to integrated thermal imaging, the system can be used both day and night The missiles, which weigh around eight kilograms each, travel at about twice the speed of sound and can be used against targets up to seven kilometres away.

The MSHORAD system will be unveiled this summer in Paris at Eurosatory.

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