Romania shortlists T155 Fırtına Howitzer

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Romania shortlists T155 Fırtına Howitzer
According to local media, the Romanian Defence Ministry has shortlisted three howitzers: T155 Fırtına (Storm) is listed with PzH2000 and K9 Thunder.

By the end of the year, Romania will decide on 54 units of 155mm self-propelled howitzers worth $900 million, and there are three bidders on the shortlist: The PzH2000, T155 Firtina and K9 Thunder. 

The technical offer counts 70 per cent while the price is 30 per cent on the decision. This is Phase One, a more extensive howitzer procurement program.

T-155 was first produced under licence. Therefore, it is a derivative of K9 Thunder. Its specs are improved with the feedback of the Turkish Armed Forces. 

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