New Generation T-155 FIRTINA Howitzer entered the TAF Inventory

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New Generation T-155 FIRTINA Howitzer entered the TAF Inventory
The inventory included two New Generation T-155 Self-Propelled (K/M) FIRTINA Howitzers produced for the Turkish Land Forces.

Acceptance activities for two of the four howitzers scheduled to be delivered in 2023 have been completed as part of the Turkish Land Forces procurement project.

Speaking at the weekly press briefing of the Defence Ministry (MSB), Press and Public Relations Advisor Rear Admiral Zeki Aktürk gave further details about the project.

Aktürk stated that the inspection and acceptance activities of two howitzers were completed, and the howitzers were added to the inventory on August 25. Aktürk noted that the “New Generation T-155 Self-Propelled (K/M) FIRTINA Howitzer Procurement Project” was initiated in line with the needs of Land Forces, and four howitzers were planned to be delivered in 2023.

The New Generation FIRTINA Howitzer can reach 65 kilometres per hour. The New Generation Howitzer has a new turret design with ammunition conditioning sections, a fully electric and servo-controlled turret power system, an improved fire control system, increased fire rate and extended effective range.

The electrically operated and electronically controlled semi-automatic ammunition loading system in its previous version upgraded to fully-automatic equipment in the New Generation FIRTINA Howitzer. The Turkish howitzer has direct shooting capability for self-defence purposes with line-of-sight. It is also equipped with 12.7 mm SARP RCWS from ASELSAN.

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