New Business Model Proposal for new Project

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New Business Model Proposal for new Project
The Defence Industry Agency (SSB) Proposes establishing a new company for the Next Generation Tracked Vehicle (YNPA) project. President of SSB, Professor İsmail Demir, has sent a letter to many recipients, including BMC, FNSS and Otokar armoured land vehicle manufacturers.

SBB President reminded that the YNPA aims to provide the vehicles that will be used for the next 50 years and that none of the companies has provided mature enough information on the Project.

Demir stated that SSB is looking for an alternative project with a cost-effective and productive solution. The new solution proposes a new tender and project model exclusive to the YNPA. SSB President calls three companies to present their position about establishing a new company for the Project where SSB might or may not join with a company. Demir asks recipients to present the advantages and disadvantages of the proposed model, the schedule, the partnership model and alternative proposals by submitting an answer by December 9th, 2023.

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