Marder IFV to Greek Army

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Marder IFV to Greek Army
Greece is soon receiving the Marder Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) for Hellenic Army. Greek media reported according to Defence Minister Nikos Panagiotopoulos’ statement.
According to local sources, Greece is preparing to take delivery of Marder 1 IFV from Germany. It is stated that the first batch of vehicles will arrive at the end of October 2022. The country will provide 40 BMP-1 to Ukraine in return. According to sources, ammunition, spare parts, transportation and training issues will also be free of charge.Marder IFV to Greek Army

Turkiye has 15-ton class ACV-15 infantry fighting vehicles equippedwith a 25mm cannon. Vehicles provide ballistic protection against 14.5x114 millimetres armour piercing rounds. 30-ton class Marder offers lower-level firepower but provides better armour protection to the crew, which is resistant to up to 20 millimetres of armour-piercing ammunition. Turkiye will need to accelerate next-generation infantry fighting vehicle projects shortly in the case of Marder IFV delivery.

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