Lentatek UAV Technology for Kazakhstan

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Lentatek UAV Technology for Kazakhstan
Turkish defence industry companies export their products, to many countries. Critical technologies are now finding customers in addition to system solutions.

Lentatek has signed a Research and Development Cooperation agreement for unmanned systems and fuel cells, which has been carrying out extensive studies for years. Cooperation will be achieved on unmanned vehicles and fuel cell technologies with the agreement reached with Kazakhstan R&D Centre. In this way, joint activities of the parties are planned. Thus, Kazakhstan, a friendly and ally country for Turkiye, will constitute a good foundation in the abovementioned areas.

Today, Türkiye is collecting the results of investments made for years. As well as the products displayed at the IDEF'23 event, the technologies developed began to find international customers. The transfer of know-how and experience, as critical as the products, is one of the developments that promise the highest profit margin in the sector.

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