Korean Hanwha Negotiates for K9 Thunder Howitzers with Egypt

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Korean Hanwha Negotiates for K9 Thunder Howitzers with Egypt
The Egyptian Ministry of Defence is contemplating purchasing 155 mm K9 Thunder tracked self-propelled howitzers (SPHs) and support vehicles. The Republic of Korea's (ROK) Hanwha Defence stated on November 30 during the EDEX expo in Cairo.

According to the ROK's Yonhap news agency, it would include K10 ammunition resupply vehicles and technology transfer to enable local manufacture of the artillery system.

Previously, the government transferred technology to Turkey to produce the T-155 Fırtına derivative of the K9.

If the agreement is reached, Egypt will be the first Arab country to purchase the K9, which was previously shipped to many European countries and India.

Hanwha's self-propelled 155/52 mm howitzer, the K9 Thunder, has proven a best seller in the SPH market. Aside from the domestic market, it has been shipped to six other countries, including Turkey, Poland, Finland, India, Norway, and Estonia. Three more potential consumers, including Australia, the United Kingdom, and Egypt, are interested in the South Korean product.

The corporation is nearing the end of its discussions. The final production line will be created in Egypt, and major production items will be negotiated. Egypt has two manufacturing facilities capable of carrying out the manufacture. Should Hanwha win more bids on the African continent, Egypt's howitzers and related vehicles might be manufactured.

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