Czech Republic to Procure Approximately 70 Leopard 2A8s

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Czech Republic to Procure Approximately 70 Leopard 2A8s
The Czech government will negotiate to purchase the Leopard 2A8 variant from Germany. The deliveries are expected to be completed within a decade.

The Czech Ministry of Defence will now officially contact a German Ministry of Defence representative to begin negotiating the terms under which the Czech Republic could join in Germany's planned purchase. The Czech Republic anticipates that a larger order will result in savings due to the increased number of tanks to be purchased, as well as shorter delivery dates and enough logistical support. 

Another advantage of cooperative procurement is that it ensures optimum NATO interoperability. The tanks of the individual countries involved in the joint procurement would be virtually identical except for the communication technology employed by each country. According to the Czech Ministry of Defence, this would facilitate joint exercises, equipment maintenance, and repair.

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