Tsirkon Destroys Target Over 400 Km Away

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Tsirkon Destroys Target Over 400 Km Away
The Russian Frigate Admiral Gorshkov successfully test-launched the Tsirkon hypersonic missile from the White Sea and hit a sea target at more than 400 km.

The Russian Defence Ministry on Monday stated from its social media account that the hypersonic missile attack destroyed the target.

The launch of the Tsirkon hypersonic missile by the Northern Fleet Admiral Gorshkov frigate represents the final stage of testing this weapon.

“Test fires were carried out from the White Sea against target positions located at a distance of more than 400 km. The data recorder shows that the flight of the hypersonic missile meets the specified parameters. The test launch of the Admiral Gorshkov frigate was successful, and the target was destroyed,” the Russian Ministry of Defence said in a release.

Previously, two weeks ago, a similar trial was carried out and was successful. Five test launches against marine and coastal targets were carried out in all. Two Tsirkon hypersonic missile test launches have taken place from the nuclear-powered submarine Severodvinsk. On October 4, the first nuclear submarine test launch occurred.

Before it, on August 24, a contract for the delivery of the Tsirkon hypersonic missile to the Russian Navy was signed at the international weapons show ARMY-2021.

The serial production of Building, located at Reutovo, Moscow Region, has commenced development on the Tsirkon hypersonic cruise missile for the Russian Navy.

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