The Mysterious UAVs at PAF’s Photo

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The Mysterious UAVs at PAF’s Photo
PAF has officially conducted a ceremony to commission various UAVs into its operational fleet. It is noteworthy that there is no information about them.

Pakistan Defence Ministry announced on January 2nd that a ceremony was held at an operational base of the Pakistan Air Force. The Ministry stated the ceremony was for the “Induction and Operationalization” to showcase PAF’s newly inducted weapon systems and defence assets.

During his speech, the Chief of the Air Staff highlighted the latest inductions in the PAF’s arsenal comprising J-10C fighter jets, air mobility platforms, modern Radars, Unmanned Aerial Systems, Loitering munition capabilities and Long-Range Vectors as the aerial defence capabilities.

When commanders sat in front of UAVs, Baykar’s Bayraktar TB2 and Akinci, Chinese Wing Loong II, and Pakistan’s Shahpar-II (Block-II) were visible.

PAF Loitering Munition.jpg

The commanders, however, had three unnamed UAVs just behind them. They are identical, and the names and the producer are not mentioned. The only hint came from the Chief of the Air Staff, who noted “Loitering munition capabilities”. Pakistan’s KaGem-V3 is well known and is believed to be an upgraded version of Baykar’s KEMANKEŞ loitering munition. However, this new product remains mysterious.

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