TEI Develops Two Engines

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TEI Develops Two Engines
The new PD-300H turbodiesel and MTU 892Xa engines were spotted during a presentation by TEI CEO Mahmut F. Akşit.

Speaking at the Denizli Chamber of Industry, CEO Akşit revealed the works carried out by TUSAŞ Engine Industries (TEI).
PD-300H is being developed for UAVs with a power of 305 hp, which is significantly greater than the latest PD-222 turbodiesel engine TEI has developed with a power of 225 hp.
The power density (Power/Volume) comparison table in the presentation suggests that PD-300H will have a similar size to its predecessors, as the ratios of power densities match the power ratios of the three turbodiesel engines of TEI.
Using PD-300H on Turkish Aerospace’s (TUSAŞ) ANKA and AKSUNGUR UCAVs can contribute to the flight altitude and payload capacities of both UCAVs thanks to overall increased power. A more powerful engine can also allow for greater power generation capacity. Because AKSUNGUR and AKINCI will be used in the UAV SOJ unmanned electronic warfare aircraft project, higher electricity generation can be beneficial for powering the electronic warfare systems. On the other hand, higher power production capacity decreases endurance.
Bayraktar TB3 UCAV, being developed for TCG ANADOLU LHD and another platform with PD-170, can also have a shorter take-off distance thanks to a more powerful engine. Shortened take-off distance is vital for operations from such ships with short runways.
The MTU 892X13a engine is developed for tanks. The engine produces 1360 HP. It might be used to modernise tanks in the Turkish Armed Forces inventory.   

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