STM's Drones Performed at Winter Exercises

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STM's Drones Performed at Winter Exercises
STM Defence shared a photo from the Winter-2023 drills showing the multi-rotor attack drone KARGU.

The Turkish Armed Forces organised the Winter-2023 (Kış-2023) exercise in January and February in the eastern city of the country, Kars. According to the Turkish Ministry of Defence, activity is recorded highest participation in the Republic of Turkiye's history. Almost two months after the exercise, STM Defence shared a photo from the drills showing the rotary wing attack drone KARGU.

KARGU neutralised the enemy elements with a direct hit in the exercise. According to the scenario, an armed UAV hit the opposing force command. KARGU showed that the enemy vehicle and personnel had withdrawn after the attack. The operation centre detected the target, and the man in the loop ordered it to attack. KARGU increased its altitude to 150 metres as the most suitable attack altitude with the task assigned and dived to the target at an angle of 32 degrees. KARGU drone neutralised the enemy force command vehicle and its personnel by hitting them with high precision.

KARGU is a portable, rotary-wing attack drone designed to provide ground troops with tactical ISR and precision strike capabilities. The drone has been serving the Turkish Armed Forces for five years and is exported to almost ten countries. The drone can perform fully autonomous navigation vis STM's flight control system. In addition, the platform can perform precision strikes for low signature beyond line-of-sight targets. The operator thoroughly performs the precision strike mission, in line with the Man-in-the-Loop principle. The platform can detect and strike static or mobile targets with high precision during day and night conditions. The KARGU system comprises the Attack Drone Platform and the Mobile Ground Control Station.

Developed for reconnaissance, surveillance and intelligence-gathering missions, TOGAN was used in the reconnaissance of enemy engineering squads in accordance with the scenario in the exercise. Capable of operating for 45 minutes at a range of approximately ten kilometres, TOGAN flew over the minefield to detect obstacles during the exercise.

TOGAN is an autonomous multi-rotor reconnaissance UAS solution engineered for general-purpose reconnaissance and surveillance missions. The drone is indigenously developed and has indigenous mission planning software, autonomous intelligence, and operational capabilities. It can be flown autonomously or remotely controlled, deployed, and operated by single personnel.

TOGAN can track fixed and moving targets and automatically switch missions supported by indigenous and real-time image processing and deep learning algorithms. The system comprises "Micro UAV Platform" and "Ground Control Station" components.

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