STM’s ALPAGU UAV, Notches Up First Export Success

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STM’s ALPAGU UAV, Notches Up First Export Success
ALPAGU, the fixed-wing loitering munition system developed by STM, has achieved its first export success.

STM has recorded an export in the field of tactical mini-UAVs. A contract for the first export of the fixed-wing attack UAV system ALPAGU. The first batch of ALPAGU has now been delivered to the undisclosed user country. 
STM General Manager Özgür Güleryüz, referring to the production of tactical mini-UAVs in Türkiye, said, “Our Tactical Mini-UAV family, which we developed in Türkiye for the first time based solely on our national engineering capacity to meet the needs of our country and military, is achieving new successes with every passing day. Following in the footsteps of KARGU, our rotary-wing attack UAV (Combat Proven Rotary Wing Loitering Munition System), which has been exported to more than ten countries in three continents to date, we have now exported the first batch of the Fixed Wing Loitering Munition System ALPAGU to the user authority, and our deliveries to that country will continue in the coming period. There has been keen interest in ALPAGU from different continents and countries, as was the case for our attack UAV KARGU and our surveillance UAV TOGAN, and we are currently in negotiations with numerous countries for new deliveries of ALPAGU. Countries are lining up for ALPAGU.”
Noting that contract negotiations are underway to include ALPAGU in the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) inventory, Güleryüz said, “After winding up our talks, we will deliver many ALPAGUs to the military.
“By equipping our Army with our national technologies, we will continue to contribute to the export targets of our defence sector through exports,” he added.
ALPAGU can fly for approximately 15 minutes after launch and track its target through its image-tracking software. ALPAGU can avoid detection by the target until the last moment. Four ALPAGUs can simultaneously attack the same target or different targets, operated by a single ground control station.

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