STM Delivers new KARGU Drones to TAF

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STM Delivers new KARGU Drones to TAF
STM has made new deliveries of the rotary-wing attack drone KARGU to the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF).

President of Defence Industries (SSB) Professor İsmail Demir said on his Twitter account, "We continue to deliver KARGU. We have made the new deliveries of the portable rotary-wing attack drone KARGU, to our security forces in the operational field, to the TAF."

The KARGU drone was developed in line with the needs of the security forces, and it was first introduced at IDEF 2017. The KARGU drone entered the TAF inventory in 2018.

STM Delivers new KARGU Drones to TAF

Providing the military with significant advantages on the battlefield, the KARGU drone is designed to provide tactical ISR and precision strike capabilities for ground troops.

STM Delivers new KARGU Drones to TAF

KARGU is involved in detecting and neutralising threats in risky areas before the soldiers enter the zone. Carried by a single soldier, KARGU is effective against fixed or moving targets with real-time original image processing and deep learning algorithms. The system can operate both day and night effectively and can strike precisely.

Contrary to Turkish and foreign media reports, KARGU's attacks are not autonomous. KARGU can perform fully autonomous navigation vis STM's flight control system. In addition, the platform can perform precision strikes for low signature beyond the line of sight targets. The operator thoroughly performs a precision strike mission according to the Man-in-the-Loop principle.

STM Delivers new KARGU Drones to TAF

The platform can detect and strike static or mobile targets with high precision during day and night conditions. The first contract for the export of KARGU was signed in 2021.

The KARGU system consists of the Attack Drone Platform and the Mobile Ground Control Station.

Technical Specifications

Communication Range: 5/10km

Endurance: 30 minutes

Payload Capacity (Warhead) : 1,3 kg

Engine: Electrical

Launch / Take-off: Vertical Take-Off Landing (VTOL)

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