Pentagon Announces the Replicator UAV Swarm Program

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Pentagon Announces the Replicator UAV Swarm Program
The Pentagon is working on the Replicator program aimed at deploying a large number of autonomous low-cost UAVs at the same time.

The Replicator program involves extensive use of AI to coordinate the swarms of drones to be deployed. One example of such use is bio-mimicry, modelling the flock of birds’ proximity flight abilities to allow the swarms to fly in tighter formations.

UAVs in today’s environment are capable of carrying out ISR, electronic warfare, close air support and even destruction of enemy air defences. Another purpose of the Replicator program is to have the UAVs in the swarms share the mentioned missions autonomously.

The U.S. Navy follows a logic similar to the Ghost Fleet program, where unmanned surface vehicles (USVs) of various sizes will process information and conduct missions with minimal human intervention.

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