New Flag of Electronic Warfare: Sancak

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New Flag of Electronic Warfare: Sancak
New Flag of Electronic warfare: Sancak
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President of Defence Industries Professor İsmail Demir introduced the Land-Based Electronic Warfare System Sancak from his social media account.

The new system bears the ASELSAN signature. Demir stated that the new system Sancak would have;

- High mobility

- High output power in broadband

- Jamming /deception in different types and modes

- Wideband Receiver Electronic Support

- Automatic link building, demodulation capacity.

ASELSAN has previously introduced a Koral land-based radar electronic warfare system that supports the Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses (SEAD) operations by building information dominance and providing fast response time in a challenging environment.

New Flag of Electronic Warfare: Sancak

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