Latvia Donates Remaining Stinger Stock to Ukraine

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Latvia to donate all Stinger stock to Ukraine
Latvia confirmed that the Baltic state’s entire remaining Stinger stock would be transferred to Ukraine as quickly as possible.

Former Soviet Block countries in the Baltics, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia have long been supporters of Ukraine with generous weapons and equipment donations. 

Latvia’s Defence Minister Ināra Mūrniece said, “Latvia responded to Ukraine’s request for the supply of air defence systems and decided to transfer to Ukraine all the Stinger MANPADS that we still have. We will do our best to deliver them to Ukraine as quickly as possible.”

Ukraine stinger-TurDef.png

The Minister said that Latvia would make every effort to send the weaponry as quickly as possible because the military hardware utilised on the conflict’s front lines would not only assist Ukraine in regaining its independence but would also ensure the safety of Latvia.

Minister Murniece emphasised that Latvia will not be defenceless because Latvian forces can access contemporary Swedish RBS-70 short-range air defence systems.

Latvia has also decided to train up to 3,000 Ukrainian soldiers by the end of 2023, which would be double the amount trained in the previous year.

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