Kosovo's TB2s Spotted for The First Time

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Kosovo's TB2s Spotted for The First Time
Kosovo's Bayraktar TB2 Armed Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (AUAV) were displayed for the first time. Thus, the Bayraktar TB2 era in Kosovo officially started.

Bayraktar TB2 AUAVs belonging to the Kosovo Army were seen for the first time during the visit of Prime Minister Albin Kurti, according to Savunmasanayist. It was claimed that the Kosovo Government, which signed a contract with BAYKAR for the supply of Bayraktar TB2 AUAV at the end of 2022, received five AUAVs in May 2023.
Kurti made a statement on the subject and said, "We added Bayraktar TB2 unmanned aerial vehicles that we bought from Turkiye to our army's inventory! In the two-year administration, we increased the number of soldiers by more than 80 per cent and the army budget by more than 100 per cent”
The first international response to Kosovo's supply of Bayraktar TB2 AUAV was recently from Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic. Vucic said, “Turkiye has seriously armed Kosovo. He gave them anti-tank missiles, howitzers, and Bayraktars. They have all of these now. They still haven't been able to fly the flagbearers, and NATO won't allow it.” 

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On the other hand, the Serbian leader stated that they refused to buy Bayraktar TB2s. The Savunmasanayist also stated that Turkiye negatively received the Serbian leader's request to buy Bayraktar TB2, and the country turned to Chinese UAV options.

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