Israel Unveiles SpyX kamikaze drone at Le Bourget

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Israel Unveiles SpyX kamikaze drone at Le Bourget
Israel’s BlueBird Aero Systems unveils its electric engines SpyX kamikaze drone at the Paris Air Show 2023.

BlueBird Aero Systems, an Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) Group subsidiary, has launched the SpyX Loitering Munition,  popularly known as the kamikaze drone, at the Paris Air Show 2023, France.
SpyX is a silent electric drone with a 50 Km operational range and 1.5 hours of endurance. The 2.5 kg warhead has three versions for Anti-Personnel, light-vehicle, or Anti-tank missions. The warhead is loaded to the SpyX Loitering Munition before launch, per the required effect-on-target. This feature allows the warhead to be stored separately, which enhances logistic storage capabilities and reduces the space needed for safe bunker storage.

SpyX-Tank-Impact TurDef.jpg
To enhance its target detection capabilities, the SpyX features dual belly-mounted sensor stabilised payloads and advanced video tracking devices, which allow an autonomous electro-optical guided attack.
SpyX’s Circular Error Probable (CEP) is less than one meter to reduce collateral damage.
The complete system is transportable by a crew of two soldiers.

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