HAVELSAN Presents its UUV C2IS Concept at NATO Conference

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HAVELSAN Presents its UUV C2IS Concept at NATO Conference
HAVELSAN Presented its Command-and-Control Information System (C2IS) for unmanned underwater vehicles ( UUV) Concept at NATO Submarine Commanders Conference.

HAVELSAN participated in the NATO Submarine Commanders Conference (SSC) held in Maritime Security Centre of Excellence (MARSEC COE)/Istanbul between 27-28 September 2023. 

HAVELSAN Expert Ahmet Berat İlhan made a presentation on “Submarine Operations Command and Control Information Systems (C2IS).”


İlhan emphasized the importance of interoperability and discussed the future of operational-level submarine operations command and control information systems, which will include operational planning of unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs) and how HAVELSAN’s concept is designed to meet the needs of next-generation underwater assets both for naval and civil UUVs.

“We are excited to share our vision for the future of submarine operations, including UUV’s command and control information systems,” said İlhan.

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