ALPİN Unmanned Helicopter in Military Service

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ALPİN Unmanned Helicopter in Military Service
TİTRA’s ALPİN Unmanned Helicopter has been used by the Turkish Armed Forces in Northern Iraq to deliver food and ammunition.

ALPİN has been used for military logistics in the Metina region of Northern Iraq, as reported by the Yeni Şafak. The way ALPİN has been used has been among TİTRA’s primary objectives with the platform.
ALPİN will be used in logistics, close air support, reconnaissance, mapping, and communications relaying missions. The platform was exhibited with METEKSAN’s MİLSAR Synthetic Aperture Radar during IDEF’23.
Following the logistics use under the service of the Turkish Armed Forces, there are plans to integrate ROKETSAN’s CİRİT laser-guided 70 mm missiles onto the platform. Considering the payload capacity of ALPİN, it is more likely that two single or double launcher units will be used.


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