Albania’s TB2 UVSs Will Be in Service Soon

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Albania’s TB2 UVSs Will Be in Service Soon
Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama stated Thursday that the Turkish-made Bayraktar TB2 UAVs that Albania has agreed to purchase would be operational very soon.

Prime Minister Rama attended the signing of a contract between the Albanian National Civil Defence Agency and the firm Satellogic USA to monitor the country. “These satellites will be followed by drones very soon.” In light of recent developments, we decided to complete them and purchase armed drones,” Edi Rama explained. Last year, Albania expressed interest in Turkish UAVs.

“Of course, armed UAVs are only used in extreme situations to combat terrorism or a potential enemy.” However, these UAVs perform various complementary functions in conjunction with satellites,” he added.

The agreement is worth $6 million, according to Rama.

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