Aeromao Showcases VT-Naut VTOSL UAV Landing on Water

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Aeromao Showcases VT-Naut VTOSL UAV Landing on Water
Canadian Aeromao, working on amphibious UAVs, revealed the water landing capable of VT-Naut UAVs that take off vertically from land.

VT-Naut takes off vertically from a tail-sitting position where the nose is pointed up and transitions to horizontal flight shortly after. The UAV's landing capabilities make it stand out, involving short landings on both surface and water. Though this is stated to be a demonstration by the company for the time being, refinements will be made to standardise this capability.
Short landing is a more effective solution for small and durable enough UAVs as landing vertically is a difficult task with the complicated control systems to be developed.
The company previously manufactured the amphibious Talon UAV that can land on solid surfaces with a parachute or water by a simple belly landing.
VT-Naut weighs 3.1 kg and carries different payloads like cameras and mapping equipment with weights up to 0.5 kg. Electric propeller-driven UAVs have an endurance of 1.5 hours and a control range of 30 km.
Vertical take-off and water landing capabilities can make a UAV useful for Coast Guard services, usually patrolling small areas. Relaxed requirements for take-off and landing would allow for operation from even small patrol boats, given there is enough space to place the UAV. Furthermore, a larger UAV of the same concept with more endurance and payload capacity can be utilised for more open seas.

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