USMC’s F-35B Jet Missing After Pilot Ejects

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USMC’s F-35B Jet Missing After Pilot Ejects
A USMC F-35B is missing after its pilot ejected. The pilot is found while the U.S. asks locals for assistance tracking the aircraft.

On September 17, after taking off from the U.S. Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort for a training flight, the pilot of an F-35B fighter-bomber from Marine Fighter Attack Training Squadron 501 [VMFAT-501] ejected from his aircraft after reporting an “incident” on board, while flying over the vicinity of the Charleston base, where his teammate subsequently landed.

The ejected pilot was quickly recovered safely and placed under observation in a local hospital. However, the remains of F-35B are untraceable. Searches are underway in an area encompassing Lakes Moultrie and Marion, and authorities at the Charleston base have appealed for help to residents in the area.

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