US to Prepare Intelligence Reports about Turkey

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US to Prepare Intelligence Reports about Turkey
The US Congress has announced the types of Intelligence reports it will gather in 2022. US intelligence will conduct a detailed study on Afghanistan’s relations with Turkey, where the US has withdrawn, within the “Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2022” framework. On the other hand, while it specifically examines the situation of Russia, Iran and China, which are directly subject to the US’s CAATSA sanctions, it may also examine Turkey’s situation if there is a demand from the Treasury.

According to the report submitted to Congress, topics related to Afghanistan included: SEC. 601. NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE ESTIMATE ON SECURITY SITUATION IN AFGHANISTAN AND RELATED REGION. The explanation of the subject is as follows: Requirement; The Director of National Intelligence, acting through the National Intelligence Council, shall produce a National Intelligence Estimate on the situation in Afghanistan and the covered region.”

SEC. 603 is also about Afghanistan but with an intelligence aspect: The report reads: REPORT ON INTELLIGENCE COLLECTION POSTURE AND OTHER MATTERS RELATING TO AFGHANISTAN AND RELATED REGION. The report under subsection (a) shall include the following: (1) A detailed description of the collection posture of the intelligence community with respect to Afghanistan, including with respect to the following:

(A) The countering of terrorism threats that are directed at the United States homeland or United States entities abroad.

(B) The finances of the Taliban, including financial contributions to the Taliban from foreign countries (particularly from China, Iran, Russia, and any other)

foreign country in the Arab Gulf region (or elsewhere) determined relevant by the Director, respectively).

(C) The detection, and prevention of, any increased threat to the United States homeland or United States entities abroad as a result of the withdrawal of the

United States Armed Forces from Afghanistan on August 31, 2021, including any such increased threat resulting from al-Qaeda or any affiliates thereof, the Islamic State of Iraq and ash Sham-Khorasan or any affiliates thereof, or any other similar international terrorist group, using Afghanistan as a safe harbour.

US to Prepare Intelligence Reports about Turkey

On the other hand, The SEC. 607. Includes a REPORT ON EFFECTS OF SANCTIONS BY UNITED STATES.

The report includes assessing whether sanctions imposed by the United States, individuals, or the shall covered countries have caused those countries to alter their behaviour. An assessment of the effectiveness of continuing such sanctions; and imposing additional sanctions.

US to Prepare Intelligence Reports about Turkey

According to the report, “The Covered Country“ means China, Iran, Russia, and any other foreign country the Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Intelligence and Analysis determines appropriate. Turkey is not listed here, but as CAATSA is applied to Turkey, it is possible to claim that such action might be applied to Turkey.


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