UNIDEF’s Mobile Armed System in the Turkish Inventory

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UNIDEF’s Mobile Armed System in the Turkish Inventory
UNIDEF Presents its Mobile Armed System
UNIDEF’s Armed Container System enters the Turkish Armed Forces inventory. UNIDEF General Manager Cem Kurter explained the system’s features at the third Military Radar and Border Security Summit.

Emphasizing that the project was developed to meet the needs of an end-user in Turkey, General Manager Cem Kurter said, “We have a retractable turret on it. There is a Minigun weapon system installed on the turret. In its next version, we will also see an integrated version of the Canik M2 weapon.” Kurter stated that this version would be available soon. On the other hand, work continues on Meteksan’s Retinar PTR-X radar integrated model, which operates at microwave frequency. This radar supported version will be charged with solar panels and will be on duty to provide the area’s security, replacing the sentry. After the warnings, it will be able to fire under the operator’s control if necessary.

The system does not pose any psychological threat when the turret is retracted. Its appearance is not different from any other civilian vehicle.

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