Ukraine May Have Hit the IL-76 that Carries its Own PoW

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Ukraine May Have Hit the IL-76 that Carries its Own PoW
The Russian Il-76 transport aircraft, which crashed with Ukrainian Prisoners of War (PoW) on board, might be the victim of Ukrainian Air Defence Systems.

Former Commander of the Russian Air Force and current senator Viktor Bondarev claimed that the Il-76 military transport plane belonging to the Russian Air Force was shot down in the Belgorod area. "I firmly believe our plane was shot down. In addition to concrete evidence, our crew also confirmed the existence of external influence,” Bondarev said in an interview with the Vmeste-RF TV channel, referring to the Bulgarian Military report.
Viktor Bondarev stated that several signs were visible in the video footage shared on the Telegram channel. What was visible were unique black-grey clouds and a barrage of missiles. “The exact number is still unclear, and it could be one, two, three or more. A committee was sent to the crash site. Everything will be revealed after the investigation,” he said.
Previously, the Russian Defense Ministry reported that an Il-76 military transport plane had crashed in the Belgorod Region, carrying 65 Ukrainian military prisoners and nine Russians.
The aircraft was flying near the Ukrainian border but in Russian territory.

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