Ukraine Launches New VILKHA 300 mm MLRS at MSPO 2022 Poland

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Ukraine Launches New VILKHA 300 mm MLRS at MSPO 2022 Poland
The Ukrainian defence industry introduced an updated version of the VILKHA 300 mm Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS ) based on the 8X8 truck chassis. The Luch design bureau developed the system. The VILKHA 300 mm MLRS scale model with a new look was brought to the MSPO 2022 international defence exhibition held in Kielce, Poland.

The new VILKHA system carries a Soviet-era BM-30 Smerch 300 mm rocket launcher unit consisting of three top and bottom rows of four tubes (12 in total).

Compared to the earlier generation VILKHA, it can fire new guided rockets at high speed with a maximum range of up to 110 km.

The main feature of the new VILKHA new guided rocket is that at the beginning of the trajectory, there is a flight correction of the rocket projectile, which can reduce flight deviation to a minimum from the predetermined trajectory.

The rocket projectiles are aimed at the target with the help of the inertial navigation system and precision satellites.

The VILKHA guided rocket has dimensions of a total length of 7.6 m, a calibre of 300 mm, and a weight of 923 kg.

The system can fire the first rocket in less than 3 minutes and a full 12-rocket salvo in 40 seconds.

VILKHA is designed to destroy armoured vehicle groups, command posts, communication centres, military industrial facilities, aircraft on runways, fuel depots and other strategic targets from a distance.

Citing Ukrainian defence industry sources, the first-generation VILKHA has served the Ukrainian military since 2018 and has been used against the Russian invasion of the country.

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