UK Minister for Exports: Trade Volume with Turkiye Reaches £23.5bn

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UK Minister for Exports: Trade Volume with Turkiye Reaches £23.5bn
UK Minister for Exports Malcolm Ian Offord stated that the bilateral trade volume between United Kingdom and Turkiye is £23.5bn.

United Kingdom organised an evening reception to welcome International Defence Industry Fair (IDEF). UK Minister for Exports Baron Offord of Garvel attended the reception at British Consulate in Istanbul and delivered a speech regarding Turkish – British relations.
Minister Offord stated that two governments and industries are moving closer together. He stated that this is his first official visit as Minister for Exports, and the trade between the two countries is worth £23.5bn, the highest level in history. He underlined that trade has grown by over 30 per cent in the last year alone.
“There is real growth and activity across many sectors in Türkiye, but particularly in the defence industry,” the minister said and added, “I’m told by my team that the defence industry here is ‘running, not walking’.”
Minister Offord noted that “from the launch of the world’s first drone carrier in TCG ANADOLU to the first taxi of the national fighter jet, to the test flights of KIZILELMA, Türkiye’s achievements and developments are being noticed around the world, driven by clear vision, leadership, and a skilled, ambitious workforce.” He added, “Many countries across the world, the UK included, have much to learn from the Turkish approach.”
Minister Offord underlined that there are so many examples of cooperation, such as BAE Systems working with Turkish Aerospace on KAAN, British engine and transmission specialists working with BMC on Türkiye’s future land platforms and Canik investing in the UK.

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