UK Might be on UCAV Queue

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UK Might be on UCAV Queue
Speaking to CNN TÜRK, Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank said that the UK is closely interested in Turkish UCAVs. Varank’s words indicates Bayraktar’s TB2 UAVs.

The country’s interest in Turkish UCAVs was made public in a speech by UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace on 11 December last year. The Minister said, “Turkey’s use of UAVs/UCAVs in Syria, Libya and other places provides superiority in the field.” Commenting on the Minister’s speech, Varank said, “The expression used by the British Defence Minister Ben Wallace for our UCAVs is ‘game changer’. Technology that changes the rules. This means acknowledging Turkey’s superiority in this area, admitting that Turkey now sets the rules.” He used his expression.

UK Might be on UCAV QueueSpeaking to CNN TÜRK, Minister Varank said, “The United Kingdom is interested in Turkish Armed Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Now they have to decide. We have presented them with our options. They are currently seriously considering these options.”

If the UK makes its decision, Turkish armed drones will be exported to a country that is a strategic ally of the US in NATO.

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