TUSAŞ’s T-129 Atak Has a Mysterious Customer

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TUSAŞ’s T-129 Atak Has a Mysterious Customer
Turkish Aerospace TUSAŞ General Manager Professor Temel Kotil announced that T129 ATAK Helicopters would be exported to a second country, but the name will be announced at delivery. The first two ATAK helicopters dispatched to the Philippines were included in the Philippine Air Force inventory during a recent ceremony. Along with ATAK, Roketsan-produced missile systems such as the Cirit missiles were exported to the Philippines.

Saying that new helicopters will be delivered to the Turkish Armed Forces by the end of the year, Kotil noted, “Currently, 76 ATAK Helicopters are active in Turkey. This number will reach 83 by the end of the year.”

TUSAŞ’s T-129 Atak Has a Mysterious Customer

TUSAŞ participated in the "Attack Helicopter procurement tender" opened by the Nigerian Armed Forces. Relations between Turkey and Nigeria are very positive, but the tender winner has not been announced yet.

Since the first delivery of Atak to the Land Forces Command in 2014, more than 70 have been produced to date. T129 Atak is equipped with a 20 mm Turreted Gun (500 Rounds), 16 pieces of Roketsan CİRİT Missiles, eight pieces of L-UMTAS or UMTAS ATGM, eight pieces of Stinger Missiles or 76 pieces of 70-millimetre rockets.

The helicopter is powered by twin LHTEC-CTS800-4A Turboshaft Engines of 1,373 Shp each. The helicopter has a maximum speed of 281 km / h, three hours of endurance and a range of 537 kilometres.

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