TUSAŞ Presents Anka-3 Deep Strike UAV

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TUSAŞ Presents Anka-3 Deep Strike UAV
TUSAŞ Presents Anka-3 Deep Strike UAV
TUSAŞ presented Anka-3 deep strike UAV that will function as Loyal Wingman with Turkish Fighter KAAN and fire missiles or release ammunition.

Turkish Aerospace (TUSAŞ) presented its aerial platforms at an aerospace demonstration day. TurDef has interviewed Nevzat Polat, TUSAŞ, Systems Engineering Manager at Unmanned Air Systems. Polat stated that ANKA-3’s primary mission would be deep strike missions because it is a stealth aircraft with high payload capacity. 

TUSAŞ ANKA3 super şimşek TurDef.jpg
ANKA can launch Super Şimşek and SOM-J, or long-range ammunitions. Super Şimşek is a derivative of the Şimşek target drone. This time it suits 11 different roles with its modularity. It will, however, be used as a decoy.
Anka-3 is currently on taxi tests and is expected to perform its maiden flight in two weeks.

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