Turkish Barrel Manufacturer Enderus Aims at Export Market

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Turkish Barrel Manufacturer Enderus Aims at Export Market
Enderus Technology aims to export its barrels. Eyüp Anlaş, the General Manager of Ankara-based company, told Anadolu Agency that their company started R&D studies for the production of medium calibre barrels and weapons for the Turkish Armed Forces in 2017 and aimed today to export their products.

Speaking exclusively to the agency, Anlaş explained that they focus on producing barrels that are not produced in Turkey or produced under license. The company developed the 20-millimetre Enderus T-20 cannon and continue to work on other medium calibre cannons with diameters of 25, 30, 35 and 40 millimetres.

Anlaş emphasized that they preferred the electrochemical processing method instead of the conventional methods. This method gives them many advantages, ending with foreign dependency on mechanical equipment. Noting that they created their own production models and produced the appropriate benches and tools, Anlaş said:

"While developing the barrel, we simulate all ballistic calculations with mathematical models. Accordingly, we can design the desired weapon and barrel. We are independent. We have solved the mathematics of this production, for which we have also received patents. Once you solve this, you have the opportunity to make the desired weapon and turn the country into a major player in this field. Enderus Technology is a few companies producing medium calibre guns and barrels today.

Turkish Barrel Manufacturer Enderus Aims at Export Market

After all these studies, we have arrived at the point where we can process high-quality steel to produce medium calibre guns and barrels ranging in diameter from 5.56 to 120 millimetres. We manufacture barrels and cannons in the following sizes: 5,56, 7,62, 12.7, 20, and 25 millimetres. Our work on 30-35 millimetre cannon is still ongoing. A 120-millimetre cannon can also be machined. We have prototypes that are 3 metres long. Our 20-millimetre cannon successfully passed the firing tests. The qualification process is complete, and it is now ready for mass production. The inventory now includes Turkey's first domestically produced medium calibre barrel. The 40-millimetre grenade launcher cannon is already in use by security forces. We have delivered over 1000 barrels of various calibres and quantities. We are awaiting export permission for certain processes. Every month, thousands of requests are made. We plan to begin exporting in 2022. It appears that the United States or Kazakhstan will be the first."

Anlaş stated that they have a locality rate of over 97 per cent in barrels and that export is suitable to any country and user that Turkey deems appropriate.

Emphasizing that they aim to meet the needs of companies that want to produce weapons but avoid high barrel investments and show up in world markets together, Anlaş said that for this purpose, they also provide grooving service with advanced technology while producing their barrels.

Explaining that their vision for the future is to work on material technologies, Anlaş said, "Electrochemical processing technology is not only used in the barrel. It is possible to process high precision parts with this technology. We aim to offer this technology to the use of different sectors such as aviation and energy, and to manufacture machinery or parts."

Turkish Barrel Manufacturer Enderus Aims at Export Market

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