Turaç aims climbing export ranks one by one

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Turaç aims climbing export ranks one by one
Turkish Ammunition Producer Turaç's Latest Products & Anti-Drone Cartridges
Turaç Chairman of Board Fatih Altunbaş stated that they had not stopped producing during the pandemic and protected their capacity.

We have talked to Fatih Altunbaş during the IDEF. He stated that the expo surpassed his expectations. Mentioning that they continued to produce during the pandemic, Altunbaş indicated better before the pandemic. Turaç brought a few new ammunitions to IDEF. The most important among them is the solution to the UAV problem. The solution is cost-effective requires no extra training, according to Altunbaş, as it is a new form of weapon which is more effective against small drones.

Turaç provides new solutions for the immigration movements. “they are not terrorists, you can not shoot them. Firing on the air will not stop them. We have the solution to make them return,” Altunbaş says.

You may wacth entire interview from our youtube account.

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