The First Day of MRBS is Completed

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The First Day of MRBS is Completed
The first day of the III. International Military Radar and Border Security Summit were held at Ankara Hacettepe Beytepe Congress Centre. The second day will start with the visit of Defence and Industry Minister Mustafa Varank’s visit.

Defence Industry President Professor İsmail Demir, MUSIAD Vice President Gökhan Yetkin, MUSIAD Ankara President Hasan Fehmi Yılmaz and MUSIAD Ankara Defence Industry Sector Board President Fatih Altunbaş delivered speeches about border security, migrant crisis and opportunities awaiting the domestic Defence industry at the opening of the MRBS.

After the opening speeches, Deputy Minister of National Defence Muhsin Dere and President of Defence Industry Demir visited the companies that opened stands and examined the products on display.

Demir said at the opening: “Our country’s land border has a length of approximately 3,000 kilometres, primarily the Syrian border, has been violated in various ways in recent years. Our border needs to be monitored 24/7 for illegal immigration flew, terrorist infiltration and smuggling. If the border security level becomes high enough, the problems created by these threats will be minimized.

The First Day of MRBS is Completed

Providing our medium and long-term needs for military and civilian radar systems domestically has great importance. We have to develop the capabilities of the national industry in this field and increase the knowledge in universities and research institutions and use them within the defence industry. In this context, we plan to make the first delivery of our Early Warning Radar System to our Air Force Command next month. We plan to increase the number of our national radar systems, which will significantly increase the capabilities of our security forces in the coming years. In addition, with our Border Security System Project KAYI, we ensure the preparation of infrastructures for the installation and integration of sensor systems for 24/7 border line monitoring, control and data recording at our border security stations. Within the scope of our project, many Sub-Systems, especially cameras, land surveillance radars, cable-guided balloon systems, land wide-area surveillance (WAS) systems and fibre optic acoustic sensors, are used in an integrated manner. In this way, an uninterrupted security solution will be provided. We have reached the final stage in the development activities of the Coastal Surveillance Radar System (SGRS) for the safety of our coastline. This year, we aim to expand the scope of the new Coastal Surveillance Stations by commissioning and putting new functions into service.”

Low Altitude Radar System will enter the inventory in 2022

Drone systems, which have become a serious threat, especially in recent months, will be discussed in detail at the conference. They can also be developed locally and nationally. In addition to our radar systems used for naval and air surveillance, our national development of the radars of the F-16 aircraft and the Akıncı UAV system continue. In addition to conventional radar systems, the tests of the prototypes developed for Passive Radar Systems, which will increase our resistance against electronic warfare and support our armed forces in detecting low-visibility aircraft, were completed at the beginning of this year. The activities required for mass production are currently being carried out. Similarly, our technology acquisition contract for Multi-Static Radar Systems was signed last month. In addition, we will take the first product of the Low Altitude Radar System Project, the new product of the EIRS radar family, into the inventory next year.”

Our Defence industry has become a school

“The Defence industry has become a school for other areas of our industry with its advanced technology and engineering capabilities,” said Gökhan Yetkin, Vice President of MUSIAD. He added, “The fact that domestic and national production in our Defence industry exceeds 75 per cent and that we have become a self-sufficient country in the field of advanced technology. As the MUSIAD family, we are proud to join these efforts with our nearly 100 members serving the Defence industry. In our new management period, we want to continue to increase investments in high technology companies in our country and to develop an even more unique strategic approach regarding this sector.”

Ankara will be a base for high-tech products

MUSIAD Ankara President Hasan Fehmi Yılmaz said, “About 80% of the Defence and aerospace industry companies in Turkey are based in Ankara. With the opening of the Aerospace Organized Industrial Zone, Ankara’s goal of being the Centre of high-tech domestic and national production in the Defence industry will be further strengthened.

The First Day of MRBS is Completed

III. International Military Radar and Border Security Summit

MUSIAD Ankara organizes the summit, and the companies exhibit their products, and company managers hold B2B meetings. There will be panels held at the summit, where TurDef is a media sponsor. The latest developments in the protection of critical areas, the migrant crisis, national activities in the field of border management, new technologies in border security, the use of UAVs in cross-border operations and for border security, mobile border security systems are discussed.

This year, procurement committees from 22 countries are attending the Military Radar and Border Security Summit.

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