TB2 Flies for 300 Thousand Hours

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TB2 Flies for 300 Thousand Hours
Bayraktar TB2 300
Baykar’s Armed UAV TB2 Bayraktar has broken a new flight hour record. It reached 300 thousand flight hours.

Baykar's armed Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) TB2 surpassed 300,000 hours of flight, the producer company, Bayraktar's chief technology officer, said on Monday.

With over 300,000-hour-flight data, the drone has broken a record in Turkey's aviation history.

Bayraktar TB2 entered the Turkish Armed Forces inventory in 2014. The unmanned aerial vehicle. It was armed in 2015, and it is used operationally by the Turkish Armed Forces, Gendarmerie General Command, Turkish National Police and Turkish intelligence MIT. Bayraktar TB2 SİHA has been actively working by security forces in the fight against terrorism at home and abroad since 2014. Currently, Turkey, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Qatar have 160 TB2 UAV in inventory.

TB2 Flies for 300 Thousand Hours

Last year, Baykar alone exported aviation systems worth $360 million.

The drone is produced with mostly local sources after certain foreign suppliers have started to implement embargoes due to Turkey's support for Azerbaijan in the recent Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

Bayraktar TB2 UAVs were exported to Ukraine, Qatar and Azerbaijan. According to the information obtained from company officials, most of Baykar’s revenues are obtained from exports. Baykar made its first UAV export in 2012. Negotiations continue with many countries that are interested in UAV.

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