T625 GÖKBEY Helicopter Reaches Higher Altitudes

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T625 GÖKBEY Helicopter Reaches Higher Altitudes
T625 GÖKBEY Utility Helicopter developed by Turkish TUSAŞ flew at 20000 ft altitude.

In addition to flight at high altitudes, the new test included flying on the power of a single engine, which is essential for cases where one engine malfunctions.
Previously, another high-altitude flight test of T625 was conducted at 15000 ft. The new test marks another milestone in evaluating T625’s flight performance. 
Helicopter designs generally have a service ceiling of 25000 ft at most, with maximum hover altitude significantly lower due to air density drop-off as the altitude increases. Helicopters must keep a forward speed to provide extra lift to fly above the maximum hover altitude.

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T625 GÖKBEY is projected to form the backbone of Turkiye’s future lightweight helicopter fleet in various services (Army, Search and Rescue, Law Enforcement, Healthcare, Coast Guard, and Navy). Turkish Gendarmes will be the first user with an order for 100 helicopters placed in total.
The maiden flight of the helicopter was made in 2018 with CTS-800 turboshaft engines also used on T129 ATAK Attack/Reconnaissance helicopters. Development of the locally developed TEI TS1400 turboshaft engines continued as T625 progressed through the testing phase. The maiden flight of T625 with TS1400 engines was made in 2023.

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