Sweden to Equip the Gripen E with Anti-Radar Missiles

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Sweden to Equip the Gripen E with Anti-Radar Missiles
Sweden will equip its next-generation Gripen JAS39 E fighter jet with Anti-radar Missiles (ARM) to counter enemy air defence systems.

The missile acquisition plan is included in the Swedish Armed Forces' new development program for 2031-2035, according to the Swedish Ministry of Defense. The schedule coincides with the completion of the delivery of all 60 Gripen E to the Swedish Air Force.
At the same time, Sweden also equipped the Gripen E with electronic attack capabilities to increase its Suppression/Destruction of Enemy Air Defenses (SEAD/DEAD) capabilities.
There is no specific information yet regarding which missiles Sweden wants to acquire.
Previously, Finland, in close cooperation with Sweden, had decided to purchase 150 AARGM-ER missiles with a range of 250 km.
Like standard AARGMs that share a guidance system, they can target radar stations, even if they have been disabled or moved, and other targets with known coordinates.
By 2025-2030, the Gripen C/D and E variants are expected to integrate into NATO's integrated air defence system and gain the initial capability to strike targets deep inside enemy territory.
Previously, the Gripen had been integrated with the Taurus KEPD 350 cruise missile.

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