Surgical Strike Operation with MAM

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Surgical Strike Operation with MAM
According to social media images, the Turkish Armed UAV operated a high-precision strike in Northern Syria.

Various social media accounts share a video of an assault conducted in northern Syria against PKK terrorists. According to the claims, a Turkish UAV attacked a motorbike in the street. The motorbike was mobile in a crowded street, and it is claimed that the rider and passenger were PKK terrorists.
As it is impossible to see the remaining system used, it is impossible to predict whether a missile or ammunition was used during the operation.
Turkish Armed Forces prefer Roketsan’s Semi-Laser guided missile Cirit or its engineless version micro smart munition MAM-C for anti-personnel targets. Cirit is mostly preferred against highly mobile targets, and MAM-C is preferred for stationary or slowly moving targets. It can be assumed that the MAM-C was used during the operation. If the information is confirmed, this will mark one of the most precise attacks conducted with MAM-C.
It is known that PKK uses motorbikes for both transportation and carrying out attacks. 

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