Spotters Day at Anatolian Eagle-2021 Training

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Spotters Day at Anatolian Eagle-2021 Training
The International Anatolian Eagle-2021 Training is held at the 3rd Main Jet Base Command (Konya) between 21 June and 02 July 2021. Turkish Air Force, Turkish Navy will participate in the exercise. Military units from Qatar, Azerbaijan, Pakistan and NATO will take place in the training. Azerbaijan participates to the training for the first time.

Observant from Bangladesh, Belarus, Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Georgia, Iraq, Sweden, Kosovo, Lebanon, Hungary, Malaysia, Nigeria, Romania, Tunisia, Ukraine, Oman, Jordan and Japan will be present at the exercise.

The participation from countries;

Turkish Air Force; F-16, KC-135R, E-7T HİK and ANKA-S,

Turkish Navy; 2 Frigates and 2 Gunboats,

Azerbaijan: 2 x SU-25 and 2 x MiG-29 aircraft,

Qatar: 4 x Rafale aircraft,

NATO an E-3A Early Warning aircraft,

Pakistan 5 x JF-17 aircraft.

Spotters Day at Anatolian Eagle-2021 Training

The training will include certification assessment of the capabilities of Turkey's NATO Response Force-NRF commitments. Within the scope of NRF, the Combat Readiness and interoperability capability of 6 F-16s, 1 KC-135R tanker aircraft, and 6 Stinger Air Defence Teams committed by the Turkish Air Force to the Very High Readiness Joint Task Force will be inspected.

The International Anatolian Eagle Training-2021 will have observant and spotters day tomorrow. The spotters day in 2020 was cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

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