Slovenia Signs Deal for IRIS-T SLM SAMs

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Slovenia Signs Deal for IRIS-T SLM SAMs
German defence firm Diehl has announced signing a deal with Slovenia to procure IRIS-T SLM medium-range air defence systems.

Slovenia has signed the deal as part of the European Sky Shield Initiative (ESSI). The initiative aims for members to use common air defence systems to achieve a Europe-wide integrated air defence. 19 European countries have expressed interest in joining the project.

IRIS-T SLM is also one of the air defence systems used by Ukraine in the Russo-Ukrainian War following the supply of missiles by Germany alongside Gepard 35 mm anti-aircraft guns.

IRIS-T SLM is a follow-up to the IRIS-T SLS low-altitude air defence system that uses IRIS-T air-to-air missiles. IRIS-T SLM uses a modified IRIS-T air-to-air missile with a larger rocket motor and a jettisoning protective cap for the imaging infrared seeker.

The manufacturer states that the IRIS-T SLM to be capable of reaching a range of 40 km and an altitude of 20 km. Due to the higher speed at which the missile generates heat, the seeker has to be protected by a jettisoning cap till the final approach.

Recently, Diehl has revealed IRIS-T SLX long-range air defence missile and IRIS-T HYDEF upper-layer air defence missile designs to expand its coverage further.

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