Slovakia Orders Additional 155 mm Shells

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Slovakia Orders Additional 155 mm Shells
The Slovak Ministry of Defence has awarded a 155 mm artillery shell production contract to the ZVS Holding for self-propelled artillery.

According to Defense News, the deal is estimated to be worth $132 million. As ZVS is partially state-owned, there was no competition for the contract.

Slovakia manufactures artillery shells and self-propelled artillery systems such as Zuzana 2 and Eva. The European country supplied Ukraine with platforms and ammunition during the war. However, with a pro-Russian stance, the new administration has announced that the supply would be halted in 2023 fall. Prime Minister Robert Fico later toned down his statements against the aid, announcing humanitarian aid this month.

Because of the constant supply of artillery ammunition to Ukraine, the production is a matter of emergency for nearly every European country. Moves have been made for increased local production and outsourcing to keep the inventory sufficient.

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