SİPER Air Defence System Starts Acceptance Tests

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Artist Kaan Azman's Render for TurDef
Artist Kaan Azman's Render for TurDef
SİPER, which will answer the Turkiye’s need for a modern long-range air defence system, has started its acceptance tests.

The beginning of tests was announced at ASELSAN’s monthly newsletter aBülten. 

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The SİPER system was gradually built piece-by-piece throughout the firing tests. For example, the first firing test involved the SİPER Product 1 missile, developed from the HİSAR-RF missile, with a booster, GPS-aided midcourse guidance, and EİRS Early Warning Radar. Additions such as AIR low-altitude radar and the longer ranged SİPER Product 2 missile followed. 

New versions of SİPER missiles are planned, one of them being the SİPER Product 2 missile with a booster, according to TUBITAK SAGE Director Gürcan Okumuş. During a YouTube session, Okumuş stated that a range increase by a factor of 1.5 to 2 is possible.

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