Saab Provides Barracuda Camouflage Systems to France

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 Saab Provides Barracuda Camouflage Systems to France
The Swedish defence corporation Saab has inked a framework deal with the French defence procurement agency, Direction Générale de l'armement (DGA), to deliver its Barracuda multispectral camouflage systems. The contract calls for the supply of new camouflage systems and a phase of system adaption in collaboration with the DGA. The deal is for eight years with yearly delivery.

Due to the collaboration, the DGA and the French Army will benefit from Saab's camouflage solutions. The order comprises a combined work period during which the Barracuda camouflage solutions will be precisely tailored to the French Army's operational requirements, in addition to the supply of camouflage systems for the French Army's operational zones.

Solarmtex S.A.S., based in Vierzon, will be Saab's local industrial and distribution partner in France for Barracuda signature management and camouflage products.

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