Russia Warns Japan For the Patriot AD System Sale

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Russia Warns Japan For the Patriot AD System Sale
Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova warned Japan that providing the U.S. with Patriot air defence systems can lead to ‘consequences’.

According to the Russian side, Japan’s latest move to approve the sale of the U.S.-made MIM-104 Patriot air defence systems opens up the possibility of Ukraine receiving more of the systems from the U.S.

Ukraine is actively using MIM-104 Patriot against Russia in the ongoing war. Ukrainian Armed Forces claimed that 10 Su-34 fighter-bombers were shot down using the system on December 24th.

Concerns regarding holes in the U.S.’s Patriot inventory arose after Ukraine received the Patriot air defence systems from the U.S. inventory. Some view Japan’s supply of Patriot systems as a way to fill said holes, rendering the Patriot aid to Ukraine less straining.

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