Russia to Merge Sukhoi and MiG

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Russia to Merge Sukhoi and MiG
Russia plans to merge two aerospace companies for producing fighter planes. The decision will be discussed in January. United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) announced that the holding’s board approved the merger between Sukhoi and MiG of directors on November 30th.

According to the Russian government, Sukhoi is a profitable firm with revenues of 140 billion roubles in 2020 (a 46 per cent increase over the previous year) and a net profit of 5.6 billion roubles (about $75.7 million). MiG, for its part, increased its income by 19% last year to 70 billion roubles.

According to UAC, the next stage would be to offer the ideas to shareholders in January 2022. If approved (which is only a formality), the merger will result in the two most well-known Russian fighter jet brands sharing the same organisation.

The merger of the two firms has already begun, transferring MiG’s executive body to Sukhoi and ultimately to UAC. To enhance production and allow Russian aircraft to develop a footing in the market, the UAC has minimised bureaucracy in its vast network of manufacturers going back to the Soviet Union. UAC guarantees that the aircraft design divisions will be kept separate.

Russia to Merge Sukhoi and MiG

Sukhoi has increased its relevance with the new Su-57 stealth fighter, the Okhotnik-B drone, and the new Checkmate fighter, in addition to classic planes like the Su-35 and its variants. On the other hand, MiG has a poorer portfolio, with the MiG-35, an export derivative of the MiG-29, standing out but having yet to secure a sales deal.

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