Russia to Develop MiG-UTS Jet Trainer

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Russia to Develop MiG-UTS Jet Trainer
The Russian Mikoyan (MiG) design bureau is developing a new low-cost jet trainer that Russia's aviation forces will use.

Russian state-run defence industry consortium Rostec announced on December 28 that the MiG-UTS will be a twin-seat, single-engine, tandem trainer aircraft. The aircraft is expected to have similarities with the MiG-AT prototype, which flew in 1996—the development Project was later cancelled.

MiG-AT TurDef.jpg

The Russian Air Force (VKS) operates more than 130 L-39 jet trainers, and the country is not happy with the operation of the 1970s-era Aero Vodochody L-39 Albatros jet trainer. 

The aircraft will be very affordable as its engine will be the lowest cost and as easy to operate as possible. MiG has chosen the AI-222-25 turbofan engine, currently used in the Yak-130 jet trainer produced by the Salyut Machine Building Bureau of the United Engine Corporation (UEC). 

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